Really Useful Boxen

Our new assortment „Really Useful Boxes" covers a large selection of high quality containers for arranging, sorting and keeping. The boxes of the mark "Really Useful Product" are manufactured of again usable polypropylene and are temperature steady from -15°C to +80°C. They are sturdy, surely stackable and easy to handle.

The Really Useful boxes are available in the sizes 0,07 litres to 145 litres. Each box is equipped with a removable cover, which can be fastened by the hand grips surely to the box. Thereby the contents are protected and are camp and transportable. The transparent plastic material makes a fast identification of contents possible and provides for a fast overview.

All boxes are available on request also in other colors. In addition we offer accessories, like dividers or trolleys.

Art.-No. 1051

Name: 0,8 litre box

Art.-No. 952

Name: 4 litre box

Art.-No. 939

Name: 0,2 litre box

Art.-No. 994

Name: 48 litre box

Art.-No. 974

Name: 24 litre box

Art.-No. 985

Name: 145 litre box